Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Viking's Daughter

The Viking's Daughter
Marti Talbott

Stefan and Kannak MacGreagor's story continues. It's time for the eldest daughter Catrina to choose a husband. A new Laid has his sights on Catrina, but she despises him and Stefan would never allow it. Who could ever save her from a fate of unhappiness? A viking of course!! Karr Olney and his brothers wash up on shore and is threatening to steal all their hearts. I know they took mine! I just love Talbott's books. Her vikings are incredible and I can read them over and over. Best of all I have no problem allowing my daughter to read it. They are all wonderful love stories for girls of any age. Her books aren't only romance. For me these books easily keep my attention and I always looks forward to the next one. Talbott is one of my one click authors. If you haven't read her books yet don't miss out!! They are amazing

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