Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Only One [End of Days Series]

The Only One

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I just love this series! I thought the characters were well researched and planed out. This series grabbed me right from the start. The world Collett created for us is so filled with backstory, myth, and legend it was a joy to read. The third installment of The Only One did not disapoint. It was action filled with drama and mystery. The love story was so touching and sexy it had me swooning. Michaela is the General of Hevaen and needs to protect everyone from the Aether who have lost their way. The Aether reminded me of the proverb, The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It's Michaela's and the other Archangel's duty to put it right. 

The relationship between Michaela and Clark had to be my favorite relationship in the series. He turned away from his birthright, but his duty was always ingrained in him. He rescued and protected Michaela in the first book. The relationship grew in the second book as Michaela became stronger and Clark learned more about his powers.  The third book just strengthened their friendship even more. They may have their disagreements and their own baggege to deal with, but they know they can lean on each other. They can depend on each other no matter what has happened or what is about to happen.  The love they share between them is so strong and touching.

Collett is one of my one click authors. I can't wait to see her next project!

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  1. Love this review and you said exactly what I was thinking! Anything that Meg writes I WILL read...