Monday, June 16, 2014

Stolen Gifts: Gift Series Book 1

Stolen Gifts: Gift Series Book 1
Rasha Selim

This is such a wonderfully written story. It flows well and was easy to get hooked! It's a supernatural world with many having "gifts". The main character, Van, never seemed to fit in with her family. In a family full of gifts she was pushed harder for her lack of a gift. She goes home for a childhood friend's wedding. During her visit she finds love, mystery, and intrigue. The story has so much back story I can't wait to see the next in the series. I loved the world Selim created and can't wait to discover more. Will the truth change her life forever or will she be able to run away again and go back to her mundane life? If you love great sci-fi stories don't miss this one!! You won't be sorry.

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