Monday, June 16, 2014

Burnt Offerings

Burnt Offereings
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11 pages

Summary (from Amazon)

Alice, what will become of her? A young woman determined to get justice. Abraham, a man bent on destruction. Ms. Nellie, headmistress of Swift Hope, an orphanage for children that people no longer want or love. Corruption, abuse, hatred live and breathe at Swift Hope. Will there be any hope left for Alice and the others? Or are they destined to its violent demise?

My Review

This was moving. True it isn't very many page, but in those pages you will feel so much emotion. I was shocked by the emotions it made me feel. The writing is so strong and captivating. I would love to read more from this author. So moving and strong if you love dramatic stories do not miss this. It's amazing.

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