Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Line - A Witching Savanah Novel

By JD Horn

This was fun, exciting, and left me wanting more. Luckily the second book will be out soon! This is the story of a young woman and her family of witches. However, she never showed any kind of power. So in a family of witches that had existed for centuries she was the only one without power. Her twin sister has been raised to take over with the families responsibility to hold the line that separates our world from the supernatural one. Not having any power she seems to live a rather normal life. However, as we find in the story she has been lied to all her life by the ones she loved and trusted the most. She find an expected ally and in the end she sees a bright future ahead. Great story for all ages!

The Bane Chronicles

By Cassandra Clare

A wonderful Mortal Instrument add on. This set of books is about my Favorite char Magnus Bane. The charming warlock has been around for a while and this is a few of the highlights in his time. It includes the characters from not only Mortal Instruments, but also Infernal Devices. He has loved and lost many times over while cracking jokes in between. You get another and deeper look into Bane and I for one am so glad to have it.

The Colorado Kid

By Stephen King

An interesting and fun story that never ends!! OK maybe that's a spoiler, but King gets you invested in the characters. You want to know how the heck did it happen, but it's left up to the reader. It drove me crazy, but I still have a good time reading it.


By Veronica Roth

The story is told through Four's eyes. You get a better sense of the inner turmoil that Four goes through in the different scenes and get a better sense of why he does what he does. And lets face it, it's Four! Who doesn't want more Four? Wonderful add on to the Divergent series.

Banished -- Guardian

By Tamara Gill

A great story about the gods. These girls refuse to live by the rules they have been given. They go to earth on a mission and find love that could kill them. Disobeying their father could cause them lifetimes of pain and regret. These sisters work together and help to not just protect each other, but help them escape and live a life of freedom. I hope to see more in this series. I just love these sisters and hope to see them come to life again.

Forest Fire- Legends of Regina 2

By Tenaya Jayne

Second installment of Legends of Regia. Follow Forest as she strives to find herself and learns to love. A great fantasy that takes you into a world that I for one want to find out more about. I'm sitting on the edge of my sear waiting for the next in such a great series. 

Just After Sunset

By Stephen King

Loved these short stories. After reading one of the short stories I found myself thinking about before going on to the next. So many great stories all in one book. If you love short and not so sweet and king's writing this is a great one.

Grayson Manor Haunting

By Cheryl Bradshaw

A wonderful supernatural mystery. A young woman inherits a home from her family member and finds out the deep dark secrets they where hiding for years.  She finds help in unexpected places and can't leave till the mystery is solved. It got my attention right from the start and I couldn't put it down. I became invested in the main character and not just wanted to find out the mystery I had to discover it. This author is wonderful and I look forward to reading more from her.


By Christina Farley

This was a great story focusing on Korean mythology. It was exciting and endearing. A perfect read for preteens and teens. A young girl travels to her fathers homeland, Korea and meets her grandfather. Finding out her families connection to the mythology of Korea put her in a state of self preservation. She has to fight to save not just herself, friends, and family, but her ancestors.

Forever His

By Shelly Thacker

This love story will take you back in time. Though I appreciated the story line its self at times I felt bored. I think they increasing statements about how wealthy of a family she comes from wasn't needed. It just seemed to stand out when at least in my opinion wasn't needed. Once yes, OK you need to understand where she comes from but repeating over and over the cars and homes and I think that just turned me off. Other than that it was a lovely story. Absolutely loved it when she connected with the kitchen staff and started teaching them to make modern dishes. I think that was my favorite parts of the story. 

Salem's Lot

By Stephen King

Stephen King is my favorite horror writer so not to any ones surprise I loved Salem's Lot. The updated Dracula was surprising and kept me on the edge of my seat. It was entertaining and kept me up at night. One that shouldn't be missed.

Fire at Midnight

By Lisa Marie Wilkinson

This book got my attention right away. A young woman hidden away in an insane asylum. She has help escaping only to end up in the arms of a man who has vowed to kill her. He has no idea who this woman is until its too late. He already can't let her go and let harm come to her. A wonderful love story with a not so likely couple. I only hope the author will write more stories like these. I just loved it!

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Bone Season

By Samantha Shannon

This is an alternate history story. A place where the supernatural not only exists those in charge are doing their best to round them and "keep track" of them. The story follows a young girl with supernatural powers known as the dream walker. She is captured and being trained to hunt more of her kind down. She find help in an unexpected way and does everything she can to help all of her kind to break out of their bonds. It's one of those stories that grab your attention right away and holds on and never lets you go. You cheer for the herorine and fall in love with the one you first believe to be the villan. Not to be missed. I can't wait for the second book to come out. Great read for pre teen, teen, and adult alike. Enjoy! I sure did.

The Mating

By Nicky Charles

This was an exciting and entertaining series. It follows a pack of werewolves and how they exist among humans. You quickly become invested in the characters and the pack it's self. During the series it splits off to other werewolves in the country and gives you their story. You can easily become invested in this society and interested in the social interaction with the packs as a whole and the network in place to keep not only humans safe, but themselves. It's amazing and Charles will be releasing the next in he series soon. I for one can't wait! Adult Content.

Forbidden Forest -Legends of Regina

By Tenaya Jayne

In a fantasy world an unheard of hybrid of elf and shifter who is seen as a cast off becomes a hero and finds a love she could never imagine before. This story caught my attention right.. I became invested in not just the characters, but the world as a whole. It was an exciting and interesting story from start to finish and I can't wait to continue the journey.

Highlander Series 1

By Marti Talbott

The story of a family and how they stay true to their family teachings as well as protecting all under their charge. A story of love at first sight and then found again in a way they never would have imagined. A wonderful series on its own, however Talbott follows this family with her Marblestone Mansion series. You easily become invested in these characters and will want to follow them to the new world. Great series for preteen, teen, and adult alike.

Game of Thrones

By George R.R. Martin

An amazing story of life in an alternate world. Much like ours, but brimming with deceit and skimming. The game of thrones follows a land who's lost their king and everyone jumps at the power and that fight that ensues won't let you put these down. I for one ended up cheering for those I deemed the villain in the beginning and cried to see the heroes face a future I would not have dreamed of.. Wonderful series for preteen, teen, and adult alike. This is one not to be missed by anyone.

The Divergent Series

By Veronica Roth

A wonderful series set in an alternate history. In this timeline when children come to age they must choose their faction. The new world has split into faction among those living in Chicago. They can choose the faction they were raised in with their parents to begin a new life in a new faction and come into their own. This is the story about the one who can't be categorized into one faction, because they are all faction. They are the Divergent. Wonderful read for preteen, teens, and adult alike. A wonderful story that everyone can relate with.

The Infernal Devices

By Cassandra Clare

The story of shadow hunters that are given the duty of protecting man kind from demons. They have been touched by the angel with gifts that make them invisible to mundane sight. They battle all around us risking their lives to keep mortals safe. A prequel to The Mortal Instruments you find the ancestors of that series and some characters you loved then and now. Wonderful read for preteen and teens alike.

The Mortal Instruments

By Cassandra Clare

In our world there is another world that we can't see. That is were the battle to keep human kind safe. This set of books follow a girl whom was raised as a mere mortal human however she is much more than that. She is a guardian that has been touched by the angels to protect mortals. This follows her journey discovering who she is and whom who parents really are. She finds her calling and friends to help her achieve it.

Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins

A wonderful story of sacrifice. Sacrifice for your family and your people. Well written and very imaginative. Collins setting of this trilogy is well thought out and original. It's a wonderful read for pre-teen and teens alike.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Outlander Series

By Diana Gabaldon

An amazing journey through time and history. The lead characters grab you and pull at your heart strings. The author makes you cry with them and celebrate with them. For those of you that love historical romance this is a series you don't want to miss. 

Marbelstone Mansion 1

 BY Marti Talbott

A great series that takes you through the lives of a family in the New World. I  immediately was invested with this family and their way of life. They take the old ways they were raised with and bring them with the to the new world. I am totally invested in this family and can't wait to find out everything this family goes through. The highlander series are the ancestors and the start of this family. Make sure to read both series. You won't be able to get enough.


BY Kerrigan Byrne

This series grabbed my attention right away. The story of 3 women so wronged and there road to peace and happiness. The MacKay Banshees is a story that takes place after these women die. They each have a quest or unfinished business they have to face. While facing their difficulties they discover a happier life then they ever had while they were alive. A must read you won't be able to put them down. I can read this set over and over.

The Viking

By Marti Talbott

I have a few of the books before this one, but it still surprised me! Her books follow generations of one family and they are all amazing. This is the start of it all. You're not going to be able to put it down and will become obsessed and need to read the whole series. I am totally invested in these characters and can't wait to see what happens to all of them. Vikings in kilts is there anything better?


By Kerrigan Byrne

This set picks up in the world that Reclaim was in. The MacLuchlan Berserkers are three unlikely loving men. Their existence is to kill and conquer, however these berserkers conquer more than land. An unlikely love story that will leave you wanting more. You'll fall in love them and will read it over and over. I know I do.

Jade Calhoun Series

By Deanna Chase

This series caught my attention for the start. It's a fun and entertaining cast of characters. It's a wonderful story about how one creates a non traditional family and it's as close and strong as any that was born into being. The author easily draws you in and you become invested in the characters. I can't seem to put these down once I start them. A great witchcraft book is hard to find, so you don't want to miss this one.

Sookie Stackhouse Chronicals

 by Charlaine Harris

The series is not only amazing on HBO, but the book series is a fun and different story line. It's the characters you loved watching on television, however they get into different situations and make different choices at time. You will also be introduced to new characters that have never been on the TV show. These characters should not be missed and is a must read for all the fans.