Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vaca Time!!

I'll be flying out tomorrow, but will be back by the 5th of July!

We are off to Washington DC

Dysfunctional by Cynthia St. Aubin

OMG this book is so a sexy, funny, and a wild ride!! You gotta read it!

Side Effects [Release Day Blitz]

Author: Lisa Suzanne
Genre: Contemporary Romance

She has been hurt. She has a past of lies, cheating, and pain. She has severe panic attacks when she’s in enclosed spaces, a side effect of a horrible accident caused by a man she thought she loved. Quinn Carpenter has a distinct type: bad boys with dark hair, dark eyes, and tattoos. Tyler, her friend with benefits, fits the bill perfectly. They have fun together and they both know that fun is where their relationship begins and ends.

Quinn’s life is exactly how she wants it until she meets Reed Porter, the typical pretty boy with blue eyes, blonde hair, and zero tattoos. He is the exact opposite of everything Quinn likes.

So why can’t she get the frustrating, preppy, blue-eyed Reed out of her head?

She isn’t interested in commitment. She doesn’t want a relationship. But Reed challenges her, he puts her in her place, and he makes her nervous. The confident Quinn is never nervous around men, so what is it about Reed that has her questioning everything? And what will be the side effects of attempting to juggle two men at the same time?



Lisa Suzanne

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Lisa Suzanne started handwriting her books on yellow legal pads after she took a creative writing class in high school. She still has those legal pads full of stories, but now one of them is published under the title How He Really Feels. She currently works as a full time high school English teacher, and her favorite part of the year is summer. She has been blessed with the world’s best dog, a supportive family, and a husband who encouraged her to publish after reading one of her novels. She likes the advice of Ernest Hemingway’s famous quote, “Write drunk. Edit sober.”

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Love, Honor,& Hope [Blog Blitz]

LHH_blitz_banner   Love, Honor, & Hope - A Benefit for the United States War Veteran’s PTSD Foundation Eight authors are joining forces to support one fantastic cause. Beginning June 24, 2014, Love, Honor, & Hope, an anthology of eight full-length novels, will be available for 30 days at the low price of $0.99. That’s right, just 99 pennies. The best part is that 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the United States War Veteran’s PTSD Foundation. LHH_OOBAteaser PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, affects approximately 19% of the military men and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq—and that’s just those who have been diagnosed. The percentage is expected to grow as more of our military members seek treatment. It’s a heartbreaking trend for the men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedoms, especially with benefits being cut and promotions being threatened. LHH_SMteaser The United States War Veteran’s PTSD Foundation is a non-profit charity that focuses on providing FREE care to combat military members, both active and veterans. They can’t do it alone, which is why we’ve made the decision to step up and do something. All eight of the authors have their personal reasons for supporting this cause. Cherime MacFarlane, author of Heart of the Hunter said, “For me, it’s the way a very quiet man, my uncle, receded into the background whenever a family function took place. I did understand he came back from WWII that way. A young man, easy going and quick to laugh became a recluse. My father also served in WWI, as did a second uncle who returned far from the mischievous young man he was before the war claimed his youth. I was a young mother during the Vietnam era. I had friends who did not come back from Vietnam. I had other friends who did come home but were permanently damaged by the things they saw. For me, this is an opportunity to give back something to the men who served their country when the call came. My uncles and father are gone now, but I do hope, in some small way, to pay it forward for them. This is a tiny step, but as the man once said, every journey begins with that first step.” LHH_LAFteaser It’s easy to sit back and talk about helping our veterans and active military members. To step up and help is something all together different. We are answering the call for help. Will you answer? All it takes is for you to log on to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and spend 99 cents, and then hopefully share the great news on our labor of love. Not only will you receive eight full-length novels for your enjoyment, you will also tell our men and women who suffer from this terrible and debilitating illness that we’ve got their backs. LHH_OOBAteaser

Love, Honor, & Hope is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble from June 24 to July 23. It includes the following full-length novels:

Out of the Box Awakening - Jennifer Theriot
Early One Morning - Aubree Lane
Lost and Found - Jennifer Yarbrough
Scary Modsters - Diane Rinella
Tropical Dreams - Kelly Cozzone
Sisters of the Night - Linda Lee Williams
Heart of the Hunter - Cherime MacFarlane
Piece of Heaven - Sammie J

Untainted [Cover Reveal]

Derrick Kane just walked in on a scene that will drastically alter his life forever, thanks to the work of the infamous serial killer, The Photographer.  Someone is dead, someone is missing, Kate Jackson the love of his life and his fiance, is one of those two.

Unwilling to wait for the slow pace of the detectives at the crime scene, Derrick must work with Kate's sister, Annie Jackson, to find the clues that will lead them to the answers they so desperately need. 

Will these two catch The Photographer? Can they bring a broken family back together? Will Kate and Derrick ever be able to have their happily ever after?

Find the answer to all these questions and more in the final installment of The Photographer Trilogy.

Note: Due to violent and dark subject matter, this book is intended for readers over the age of 18 years old.

Sarah Robinson is the four-time  Amazon Bestselling Romance and Crime Thriller Author of Sand & Clay, Logan's Story, Tainted Bodies, and Tainted Pictures.  Her very popular trilogy, The Photographer Trilogy, includes Tainted Bodies, Tainted Pictures, and the not yet released Untainted. Her latest publications include Sand & Clay and Logan's Story, both in the Sand & Clay Series. All of her novels have reached Amazon's Bestseller Rank in Crime, Crime Thriller, Contemporary Romance, and/or Romantic Suspense. She also has a very large social media following, including over ten thousand Facebook fans.

Her writing often concentrates on the complexity of love in emotions, combining psychological complexities and human flaws to create very real characters that readers can relate with. Her work focuses on redemption and forgiveness, learning to build on what has been broken. Her characters are often in conflicting situations, leaving the reader to decide what is right and what is wrong. She uses her stories to hold a mirror up to the reader and ask them to see things they never knew, or had forgotten about themselves.

Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Master's Degrees in criminal psychology. She is newly married to her soul mate, Justin, who is just as much of an animal rescues enthusiasts as she is. Together, they own a zoo of rescues including 2 dogs, 7 cats, and 5 turtles, as well as volunteering and fostering for multiple animal shelters.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Baby Girl Book 1 - In the Beginning

Baby Girl Book 1 - In the Beginning
Elle Klass

This is such a powerful story. A young girl runs away from a mother who had never been an actual mother to her. She has been on her own all her life so leaving the place she shared with her mother didn't seem like much of a difference. We follow her while she navigates her life on the streets. The story is so realistic that I wonder if Klass was inspired by someones actual life. I can't wait to read the next installment of baby girl!

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The Viking's Daughter

The Viking's Daughter
Marti Talbott

Stefan and Kannak MacGreagor's story continues. It's time for the eldest daughter Catrina to choose a husband. A new Laid has his sights on Catrina, but she despises him and Stefan would never allow it. Who could ever save her from a fate of unhappiness? A viking of course!! Karr Olney and his brothers wash up on shore and is threatening to steal all their hearts. I know they took mine! I just love Talbott's books. Her vikings are incredible and I can read them over and over. Best of all I have no problem allowing my daughter to read it. They are all wonderful love stories for girls of any age. Her books aren't only romance. For me these books easily keep my attention and I always looks forward to the next one. Talbott is one of my one click authors. If you haven't read her books yet don't miss out!! They are amazing

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bushwhacked - Wild Women of Alaska

Tiffinie Helmer

This is the first book by Helmer I have read and I loved it. I don't usually read contemporary romance and I just loved this story. Erich Sloan is an author that lives off the grid in the wilds of Alaska. He no longer wants to be a part of the world. Until her. This story got my attention right from the start and I couldn't put it down until it was over. Some books I read have unnecessary information and I get bored or doesn't give me enough and leaves me wanting more. This book was perfect! From beginning to end it was just a perfectly written love story. I can't wait to read more Wild Woman of Alaska from Helmer.

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Dark Cravings

 Dark Cravings
Madeline Pryce

This was action packed start to finish and what I can tell is going to be an amazing series. This book has mystery, intrigue, comedy, and a steamy romance. Let's not forget the butt kicking!! Micah and Ella are two unlikely partners who just happen to have a natural attraction for each other. They both have a past that they don't fully know yet, but discover it together. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. The world Pryce created is so interesting and I can't wait to find out more about it.

Elle is such an amazing character. She knows who she is and what she is meant to do. Things seem to get in her way and her path definitely isn't a straight line, but of course if it did then we wouldn't have Elle. I loved Elle's world and I think you will too. If you're looking for an amazing paranormal romance this one can't be missed!

Goodreads   Amazon   Ellora's Cave

Dark Innocence

Dark Innocence
Madeline Pryce

Hanna had a rough time in Dark Cravings. This book gives you her after story. She is trying to deal and make sense of what she went through and how it has affected her. Making bad choices and trying to numb her emotions didn't seem to be working. She finds help and discovers who she really is. Hanna doesn't seem to be able to catch a break, but in the end I think she finds what she really needs. If you loved the first book you can't miss this one. It's all told from Hanna's point of view and it's wonderful. I loved getting to know Hannah in this story. I hope to see more stories from the other characters in the series. Another amazingly sexy paranormal romance from Pryce. Can't wait for the next.

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Chasing Magic

Chasing Magic
Gena D. Lutz

This was such an entertaining book!! It's cute and whimsical. It had comedy and mystery. Once I started it I couldn't put it down. It's an amazing start to what I hope is going to be a series! Of course my favorite character was Ginger. Ginger is so funny and cheeky I couldn't get enough of her.  I borrowed this book from amazon prime. After reading it I bought it. I had to have this book in my personal library. If you're looking for a whimsical paranormal romance this is the one you can't miss. I can't wait to read more from Lutz.

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Saved [Release Day Blitz]


By David Michael
Available 6/21/14


Saved Synopsis
Her twenty-first birthday rang in the first day of the humid New Orleans summer and Aziza was hell-bent on making the most of it.  A tall, dark and Creole hunk of a man named Landon walked into the waiting room, something about him rocked her to the core.  She knew he was going to be an integral part of her summer.

When two strangers, Ardra and Kaiser, manage to make a place for themselves with her reclusive grandmother, she can't shake the feeling that their arrival signals the beginning of something terrible.  The unseen threat manifests itself in her dreams and she begins to spiral out of control.  Having driven away her family and friends, she turns to Landon, Ardra and Kaiser for help only to find out that none of them are quite what they seem.  

The battle between Light and Dark has reached a tipping point and the gates of Hell are crumbling.  Aziza must find a way to stop the Darkness from spilling over into our world before the scales tip any further and the war destroys us all.

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~About David Michael~

David Michael, author of The United Series, is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, a hater of snow, a lover of Star Trek and has an addiction to coffee that is excessive even for an author.

He lives in Salt Lake City where he is currently majoring in Psychology, working a "big boy" job, and writing full time. He shares a living space with his best friend, idolizes his mother, and has a strange knack for making friends with people on the other side of the planet instead of his own back yard.

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