Monday, July 7, 2014

Verdant [A Legends of Regia Story]

Tenaya Jayne

Book Description from Goodreads:

It all began with one stolen kiss...

10,000 years ago, deep in Regia's forests, the Dryands lived hidden and aloof. Determined to serve the Heart of the World, and keep it secret. Shi was chosen at birth to become a Verdant, one of the twenty princesses to sacrifice to the flame. Plagued by curiosity, one night Shi breaks the rules. A Verdant must always remain pure and innocent and never venture out beyond the boundary.

A month after taking the throne, King Leramiun grows restless confined to the castle by his new responsibilities. After receiving reports about a mass grave in the forests, Leramiun makes a rash decision to investigate by himself. Instead of finding death, he finds Shi, a goddess of life.

One stolen kiss set in motion the destruction of an entire race.

My Review:

I found the first book of the series on Amazon. After reading it I went right back to amazon and bought the second book. When I found out a third book was coming I was so excited and couldn't wait. Luckily I was able to grab a copy right after release. Although this story isn't centered around Forest and Syrus it's no less captivating. We get to find out what happened to Shi and how she became who she is now. It was such a beautiful love story. It took my breath away.  The ending OMG I was shocked! I did not see that coming. I can not wait to find out where Jayne takes us in the next book. If you read paranormal romance you can not miss this series!!

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