Friday, July 18, 2014

Three Twigs for the Campfire

Three Twigs for the Campfire
Joseph Cognard

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Book Description (from B&N):

Billy is more than a little nervous. Even with all the excitement of his first "kids only" camp out, there is something truly bothering him. Listen to the fire crackle as the Miller children, in their campfire tradition, each tell a story. Will the fire last till Billy can fall asleep? Worse yet, what will happen when it is his turn to tell a story? Lastly, why won't the fly and mosquito buzzing around the campfire leave him alone?
As in traditional Twilight Zone episodes, that the author grew up with, Mr. Cognard creates three unique and unpredictable stories, that both children and adults will all enjoy.
The book is packed with illustrations by Gabriella Cognard, a tween with artistic flair well beyond her years.

My Review:

This was such a cute story. The children reminded me of mine. My so use to tell his little sister scary stories at night for the thrill of watching her be scared. I just wish his stories were more like this one. Yes it is scary, but not inappropriately so. This is the perfect scary story for a young reader to start off with. I hope to see more from Cognard. 

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