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Book Description (from goodreads)

When you can't grin and bear it...

Paranormal Psychologist, Matilda Schmidt is sick of secrets. But when her troubled mother falls into dangerous hands, she must enlist the help of the two men who may be hiding the most: the hot-bodied demigod who's suddenly tight-lipped about his current client, and the delicious hit man who's been concealing much more than a gun in his pocket.

Faced with the destruction of her tidy life at the paws of three rowdy werebears, and protected only by an immortal egg on the edge, Matilda will have to come riding to her own rescue, or risk a life that's anything but happily ever after.

My review

This is a funny, sexy, series following Dr. Matilda Schmidt. This time she has three bears looking to grab her. She has to find her mother who was kidnapped. Crixus is as sexy as ever and Liam has a hold of the doctor in a way she never would of dreamed of. The three bears are so dang funny and they had me laughing out loud. If I need a laugh St. Aubin is the author I go to. I can read and reread her books over and over and be in tears with laughter the whole time!! I can't wait to find out what happens to Matilda next.

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