Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Well House

The Well House

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Book Description (from B&N)

Ben Carson's pregnant wife, Anne, is locked in a coma and Ben is the only person who can save her and the unborn baby … but he has no idea how to do it. Haunted by intense dreams about a small white well house and black flying creatures, Ben has a feeling the visions are important but doesn't know what they have to do with Anne. One day he meets a mysterious woman who shares information that shakes him to the core: how to free Anne from the force keeping her in the coma. It is through a mysterious well house that Ben finds passage to another dimension, where he locates the dark zone and faces the ultimate evil that holds Anne captive.
The Well House represents a classic battle between good and evil, peppered with fast-paced adventure, romance, fantasy and a dose of reality. It’s a story of redemption, spirituality … and undying love.

My Review
This book was brilliant. For me faith was the main theme of the book. Ben had to have faith in god, his family, and most of all himself. Through Matassa's wonderful writing I not only got a deep understanding of the main characters feelings and reactions, but also of other key characters in the book. I got a look at the situation through other eyes as the story went along. Matassa also gives a wonderful description of the background of the family. In the beginning it seemed slow while learning the background, but it was much appreciated once I got further into the story. It helped me to understand Ben's motives. I hope to read more from Matassa.

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