Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Seeking Scandal by Nadine Millard

Seeking Scandal

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Book Description (from B&N)

Two years ago, Caroline Carrington had made the biggest mistake of her life; she had rejected the man she loved.
Now, she was back in London and ready to find a husband.
But first, before proper Caroline did exactly what was expected of her, she wanted a little scandal, something to remember during her life as a perfect society wife. Not enough to ruin her, but enough to make her feel alive.
Who then, is better placed to help her with her quest than Tom Crawdon, the man whose mere presence still had the power to weaken her knees, and her heart?
Tom had promised himself that he would never allow another woman to get under his skin the way Caroline Carrington had. He had returned to London intent on forgetting her and moving on with his life.
Forgetting her however, would have been a lot easier had she not arrived in London at the same time as he had.
What was worse, she seemed to be on a mission to shake off her good girl reputation. And who better to help her than a notorious rake like him?
But could he help her while still protecting her unblemished reputation? And what happened if she snuck her way right back into his heart?

My Review
I was totally behind Caroline from the start. I was rooting for her. She has to fight between what is expected of her and what she really wants. This has to be one of my favorite time periods. While they had to stay within social norms these woman can't help but fight it just a little. There was a lot of inner dialogue that helped to understand the characters actions and what drives them. I think I was so excited for her to get the man she wanted I wanted the story to move faster. If you like historical romance this is a sweet one to check out.

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