Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Rise of Peter Troy

The Rise of Peter Troy: Vol 1 The Decayed Ones
Joseph Dibartolo

Peter is having a bad day. He's a fan of all things zombie and lucky for him he is. He loses his job the same day his girlfriend dumps him. This book is so funny. With lines like, "Now being very single with the possibility of the apocalypse on the horizon, he figured it wouldn't be the worst idea to explore some options." Only a zombie nerd would think about hooking up during the apocalypse. Another quote from the book I loved, "The actuality of him living in the coming of a zombie outbreak was a secret dream come true." I mean really? Who isn't making plans for the apocalypse and a zombie rise. I know I am!  I'm big horror and especially B horror movie fan. This book took me back to watching those horror movies with my father. You can't help, but enjoy this book!!

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