Saturday, May 17, 2014

97 Rise of the Battle-Bred

97 Rise of the Battle-Bred
V.L. Holt

     What a great story. When I first started the book I was a little confused. The story telling of both time lines had me wondering what story I was actually reading. I trusted that Holt had a reason for telling the story this way. It didn't take me long to get the a-ha moment. I understood what was going on. I loved being able to learn about the back story  this way. It was so interesting, at times I tried to read the present story fast to get back to the flashback. In no way does that mean I didn't enjoy the present story. The chapter about Toledo was so exciting. It made me wish there was a whole book about just the son and father's life on the run.
     I was curious about the attraction William had to Jane. He had no explanation for it, but just had to be close to her and learn more about her. Once the two time lines begin to catch up to each other things begin to come into focus. I assumed that Jane had to have something to do with William's past, but hadn't guessed the way they were connected. I appreciated the point of view changes. Learning why the character did what they did and how they felt about the situations they were in. I like understanding why something is playing out a certain way and the change of view helps me do that.
    The list of mom-ism's that Jane collects throughout the story helped me to connect with her. It just reminded me of myself and I'm sure many readers will be able to connect with those sayings that your mom always have on hand.
     When William says "I have lived all my lives in order to find you." I just melted and he became my new BBF! The one thing that seemed out of place was Crady's father. I don't know of any father especially a sheriff going to tell his daughter how a hot guy just moved in and how he was Tall Dark and Handsome. I can see a father saying someone new moved in and she better stay the heck away from him, but maybe that's just me. It did make me laugh though thinking about a father wanting to know if he was correct in his assessment of William's hotness. Overall I was sad to see it end! I can't wait to read the next part of the story. If you love Sci-Fi like I do you are going to love this one!!!

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