Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Don't Tell, Don't Die

Don't Tell, Don't Die
Cheryl Wright
Books We Love Limited
Crime Suspense
150 pages


Kareena never thought she would ever witness a murder much less being on the run for her life. Luckily she found an ally in Mason. He found her unconscious and does anything he can to keep her safe and stay by her side. After attempts on her life, Kareena, doesn't know who she can trust. Is Mason really trying to help her or is he partnered with the murderer who is looking for her. Through all of this can she stop herself from falling in love.


My attention was grabbed right from the beginning and it held on throughout. Every time I thought the characters were at a safe place something else unexpected happened. At one point I thought wow they sure seem to be going on for a while. As soon as that thought drifted to mind something else jumped out and the story had my full attention again. There were times in the book when I just wanted to grab Kareena and slap her to get control of herself.  I thought what if I was in her shoes. I think if I was in her position I probably would of reacted the same way she did. Mason was just such a sweetheart you couldn't ask for a better book boyfriend. If you love on the edge crime suspense you will love this story!!

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