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Resist Me by A.O. Peart [Blog Tour & Giveaway]

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Title: Resist Me (Change Me, #1)
Author: A.O. Peart
Release Date: August 30, 2014

One fateful morning changes everything.

Lisbeth Anderson, the lone eyewitness of a shocking murder, believes the FBI witness protection program may be the only way for her to survive. But when a powerful explosion reduces the safe house to ashes, killing all of the FBI agents on duty, will she turn to a perfect stranger for help?

Ethan McCoy, an ex-Marine-turned-firefighter, has never really cared for any woman. He lives his life to the fullest, enjoying the bad boy stigma and cultivating a particular taste for dominant sex. Girls come and go, allowed to stay only long enough to satisfy Ethan’s wild appetite.

One morning at dawn, Ethan’s fire brigade is called to a fatal house explosion that levels the structure. When he pries open a trap door to the hidden panic room under the house, he finds a gorgeous, though disheveled brunette. Lisbeth instantly turns Ethan’s world upside down, and he’s overcome by the burning desire to protect her, no matter the consequences.   RESIST ME IS THE FIRST INSTALLMENT IN THE STEAMY CHANGE ME (McCoy Raven Boys) ROMANTIC THRILLER/SUSPENSE SERIES. ALL BOOKS IN THIS SERIES ARE STANDALONE AND CAN BE READ IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.
Due to mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations, this series is intended for adult readers only.  
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About the Author
A.O. Peart is the author of the New Adult and Young Adult fiction novels. She writes in multiple YA and NA genres, including romance, paranormal, urban fantasy, and short stories.

She lives in the Seattle area with her family and a chronically curious cat. Angela describes herself as European born, American by choice.
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