Monday, September 8, 2014

Elle Raven [Book Promo]

Her Debut novel is Control Me.

He knows what he wants. He wants her. Only On his terms. To save her failing family empire, the stunning yet feisty heiress, Jada Sinclair must find a way to keep the Sinclair Winery in the family. She is barely keeping things afloat due to her father's bad business decisions. The only person who can help her family is the multi-billionaire tycoon Max Brunetti. Can she trust him or will she be selling her soul to the devil himself? Ruthless and powerful Max Brunetti wants to take over the Sinclair Vineyard to expand his own family corporation and he will do everything in his power to get it. In order to gain the vineyard he needs to make the Sinclair family an offer they cannot refuse. And he knows exactly what he wants in return.

THE DON: Sebastiano (Stud Mafia Series) 

Coming early Nov (co written by Elle Raven and Aimie Jennison

Sebastiano you know that no man has ever done that to me before. "Done what? You telling me you've never had another guy put his mouth on your pussy and give you an orgasm before? "Yes hurry up and put your mouth on me. You know...there." "Where? Tell me sweetness." "I want you ah... Put your mouth... there." "I need more information cara mia. Tell me where Sierra. Say it." I whispered into her ear as my hand travelled down her stomach stopping at the top of her sweet mound sweeping my hand back and forth from hip bone to hip bone. She buckled under my touch. "Oh God Sebastiano please don't torture me. Just do it. Please." Gesu Christo, I loved it when she begged. "But I don't understand what you want sweetness." I lied. "Tell me exactly what it is that you want me to do to you? Lick you out, give you head, go down on you. It's not hard to say sweetness. Tell me what you want me to do with my mouth or is it my tongue you want?" She lowered her gaze to my chest. Oh hell yeah. I'd push her. Prod her. Take her to sexual heights she's never fathomed. I'd pull out all the stops to make sure I was the one man she would never forget. "Say it." (Sebastiano)

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  1. This book was so hot. I loved reading it from beginning to end. I can't wait for The Don and anything else that Elle Raven writes