Monday, April 14, 2014

Viking Fire

Barnes and Noble


The Liannon Laird's youngest daughter, Kaireen, is about to wed a viking! Of course when Kaireen finds out she will have none of it. Although she has told the suitor and her parents she will not marry the viking doesn't give up.  The O'Neil laird, the neighboring laird, his son has dreams of becoming a laird himself and the daughter is used to try and meet his ends. Her handmaiden treats her more like her mistress and she seems to find herself in trouble often. While trying to stop an attack on her father's lands Kaireen recruits the O'Neil laird,and his army which leaves her father obligated to them. When she faces the reality of living without her viking is when it becomes interesting. "What wonder that so much life, love and death could come through the Lochlanns."  This story has mystery, intrigue, love, jealousy, heartbreak and loss.  I just loved the lead character, Kaireen. She was so bullheaded and strong willed, but in the end who can resist a Viking. 

A Mad in Wonderland Review

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