Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Saga of the Wildling Volume One: Fire and Stone


By Zoe Melville

This story catches you right from the start. A story about Dreanna a wilding of the forest. This is an adult book and over 18 is recommended. She is escorting a group with a mage through the woods. She becomes attracted to her and watches as the mage uses her powers to create her own personal lover from the flames of a campfire. After sneaking away from the mage she finds herself alone in the woods where she finds a statue overgrown with vines. She out that this statue has been cursed and is actually a living man. He has no idea how long he has been cursed but tells her the tale of what happened the day he became stone. He tells her about his betrothed that he was showing countryside to. "Melody was beautiful - that is not in any doubt - but the sight of her delicate features, her shining hair, her willowy form, raised in anger against me... I suddenly realized the spirit that was in her, and I knew then that I would never feel for anyone as I felt for Melody." They begin a quest to find his home, his love, and the one who cursed him. That is where it ends and it killed me!! I can't wait to read about these two and can imagine the trouble they get into. It's a sexy tale of curses and magic that shouldn't be missed.

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