Friday, November 14, 2014

The Tree of Life by Lucian Barnes [Cover Reveal]

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The time has come to unveil the cover of Lucian Barnes' The Tree of Life (Desolace #6) - coming Dec. 21, 2014, but before we do let's make sure the lights are on and our fears are tucked safely in bed.


In his insatiable lust for power and world domination, the Black Knight has deployed an entire army of mechanical monstrosities to eradicate any who stand in his way. Despite his best efforts to exterminate Edward the White and his friends, they continue to be a thorn in his side. The Black Knight thinks he has the upper hand when the small band of his adversaries seemingly flee to the south in order to escape the wrath of his regiment of machines, but somehow they keep managing to elude him. Little does he know that Edward has an agenda of his own.

Employing the use of his new servant—who although younger than the Black Knight's former slave, is essentially a carbon copy of the headhunting serial killer—the demonic entity tracks the troublesome party of humans. Using George as his scout, he witnesses the growth of Edward's group as they gain allies on their trek southward. When he begins to figure out what the group is up to, the Black Knight decides to take matters into his own hands.

One thing is certain: failure is not an option. Will the Black Knight succeed to claim what he feels is his rightful seat upon a dais at the Throne of the Gods? Or will Edward and his friends thwart the attempt yet again?

Don't delay, catch up with the gang today!




I spent most of my youth in rural Ohio and began writing stories at an early age. Many of these early attempts at story-telling were inspired by mysteries, such as those found in the old Hardy Boys books and the cartoon antics of Scooby Doo. As I entered my teenage years I began to drift away from writing stories, instead picking up my pencil to compose lyrics for heavy metal songs because my new dream was to become a musician. That vision remained hopeful for many years after my high school graduation, but like most dreams of this nature it died out as I became older.

After working several menial jobs through the years that followed, my thoughts again began to turn toward writing books. Inspired by my favorite author, Stephen King, I took an online creative writing course and slowly began to develop my skills. In late 2010 I was given a violent shove, both by the job market (which was horrible to say the least, and still is) and by the persistent encouragement of close friends, to pick up my pen and begin writing again.

In early 2012, I gave birth (that's almost what it felt like) to my very first published book, Desolace. Finally having a completed novel in my hand was the best feeling in the world for me, giving me a sense of accomplishment I had waited a lifetime for. Since then it has gotten easier for me with each book I have published. Since the initial release of Desolace, I have published four more novels in the series. My latest work is a futuristic horror book titled, EL-204.


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