Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bond by Nicole Gartley [Cover Reveal]

Book: Bond
Series: Bonded (Book 1)
Author: Nicole Gartley
Publication Date: TO Be Decided
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance 

Book Synopsis:
Is it possible to miss someone you've never even met?
For Ceto Daphne Ambrosia, it is. Living with the knowledge that her parents drowned left her with an emptiness in her heart, but while she does miss them, there’s something more, a void that can’t be filled by two people she never even met. And while her life is quaint, she can’t help but feel like something is missing.

That’s when the dreams began. Trapped by a monster, he gives her the answers she’s always needed to the questions she never even knew she had. Her parent’s death wasn’t an accident. They couldn’t have drowned: they were sirens, and so is she.

On a mission to regain her rightful place, aided by the boy she has always loved and the one she has always needed, Ceto must see through the lies in order to stop a seventeen year long war. Can she do it, or will she and her bonded perish in their attempt to calm the world beneath the waves?

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About the Author

Nicole Gartley is a simple book lover, and a future writer, from Connecticut. She’s always found magic in not only books  but also in the world around her. Usually you can find her sitting in a window reading or sprawled somewhere working on her own stories. Not only does she love to read, but she also likes to help other aspiring authors by reviewing them for her friends book reviewing blog "Rocking and Reviewing".

Her stories are primarily a mix of myths and fantasy, with a touch of romance added on. She uses the magic she finds in the world and the myths that she holds dear to create her own twisted versions.

While she's only a freshman in college, aiming for a degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing, she still has high hopes for her future career in writing. 

Contact Information, for if you want to talk to her or beta-read any of her books:
Email: authornikkig@gmail.com

Her Website: http://orderlyrebellionhere.blogspot.com/?m=1

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