Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Survivors: In A Heartbeat

The Survivors In A Heartbeat #1.5

Book Description (from goodreads)

A 5,000 word short story set during the events of The Survivors Book I: Summer. The death of Sophie Chan is one of the driving factors of Michael, the hero of The Survivors - but what really happened? Now is your chance to find out.


The World of The Survivors

Ten years ago, a devastating plague put an end to humanity once and for all... almost. A handful of people struggle to survive amongst the ruins of the old world, living day-to-day on whatever they can scavenge.

In Waikato, New Zealand, things are about to change

My Review

We get to find out how Michael loss his niece in this short story. As a mother I always understood why he would feel responsible for her death. After reading this story I now better understand his want for family and a home even more. I just love this series! 

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