Monday, August 4, 2014

Serious Leigh

Serious Leigh

Book Description (from B&N)

Oy vey! Shit just got serious in Chicago. The Witches Union has discovered that Leigh Epstein has been dabbling in the dark arts, and now they want to become creative editors for Leigh’s paranormal romance, “Four-Bitten Fangtasy”, a book about a shape shifting-werewolf-vampire hybrid named Vlad. They definitely have something up their sleeves and they've assigned our young apprentice witch to a mentor named Gertie, who isn't quite up to snuff. Can she fulfill the contract and get FBF done before the deadline? What’s in it for the Union anyway? 
To make matters worse, Leigh’s friends and family are still reeling from their last disastrous episode in Accidental Leigh. Will she make her Sister Sarah's lackluster love life even worse, by attempting to fulfill her erotic fantasy from her favorite BDSM/Navy SEAL/Amnesia novel? And yes, it is titled “Bound to Forget”. 
Love is in the air, but so is catastrophe, now that Leigh is also getting some very strong feelings for Hunter, the hunky roofer turned Chicago Police Academy cadet.
Find out almost everything, and even learn about a Paranormal Pet Shop, what really sank the Titanic, magic brownies, how the Great Chicago Fire really started, and more in Serious Leigh, Book 2 of the Literal Leigh Romance Diaries by Melanie James

My Review

This book had me laughing out loud. This series is so funny and then men! I would take anyone of those men for my own magical play thing. We get some new characters in this book. Randy I hope we will see more of. I can see so many giggles due to Randy. Leigh and her two best friends got a new member of their little group and those woman just can't stay out of trouble to save their lives. I can't wait to get the next book! 


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