Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blood & Roses~Episode 1 Harvest

Blood & Roses

Book Description

Dorothy meets universe in this stellar adventure of pain, survival and freedom and in the middle of all, a girl trying to find her place among the chaos and death that threatens her politically corrupt galaxy.

Yv is forced out of her home planet after a tragic incident, but before she has time to grieve for her loss, she is up against the lethal flora of the moon she is imprisoned at.
Yv is completely unprepared for the wonders and treachery of the universe. Will a childhood memory save her life or get her into bigger trouble than she already is?

Rhys Ethan presents Blood and Roses, a sci-fi serial adventure like nothing you have ever read before.

My Review

I enjoyed this installment so much. It was easy to become invested in Yv's life. Growing up in seclusion she's thrust into a world that and doesn't know what to expect. It's such an exciting edge of your seat story with a mystery that I can't wait to discover more about. Who is Yv? She doesn't even know and you get to find out right along with her while you follow this series!! Get your copy now.

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